Fine Art Prints

I am often contacted by friends and colleagues asking to have a print made from images seen on this website or in my main photography website.  Thank you for inquiring and I am honored by your interest.  I offer two options of high-quality printing process when ordering any fine art prints.  All prints are measured in inches and the paper size is the actual paper size that the image gets printed on that are always borderless. If you require a white border, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Photo tours fine arts print 1
*refferal image
Photo tours fine arts print 1
*refferal image

At the end of this page you will have a gallery of images that I think would make fantastic prints, no matter the size chosen.  These are some of my favorites and I was careful to choose those that would look great on a wall.  If there is nothing you see here that appeals to you, may I direct you to my main website to see other options.  Please get a hold of me to discuss your print order at 303-808-7713 or send me an e-mail.

Please NOTE that all prints are for full-frame printing (no cropping involved) based on 35mm dimensions that adhere to a ratio of 2:3. The print material will be on Fuji Crystal Archive paper in Lustre finish. If you would prefer a different material for printing and a different finish, you need to get in touch with us first so we can arrange the service that will match your needs.

The shipping prices are for courier delivery within the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii will be quoted separately. All international orders will require verified payment and quoted an international courier fee based on current tariffs. If you want insurance for any prints, we will gladly quote you a fee based on the courier’s fee schedule. If you want to use your own courier service for pick-up and delivery, you are welcome to do so, but you need to coordinate that with us first.

A.)     Traditional Fine Art photographic prints. Gallery-quality prints are delivered by courier.

Print Paper SizePrint CostShipping*
8″ x 12″$120.00$10.00
11″ x 17″$160.00$15.00
12″ x 18″$180.00$20.00
16″ x 24″$240.00$25.00
20″ x 30″$375.00$30.00

*U.S. lower 48 states


B.)     Custom Fine Art photographic prints. Custom made prints signed by the artist. Delivered by courier.

Print Paper SizePrint CostShipping*
8″ x 12″$250.00$10.00
11″ x 17″$330.00$15.00
12″ x 18″$410.00$20.00
16″ x 24″$520.00$25.00
20″ x 30″$780.00$30.00

*U.S. lower 48 states


We do not offer any matted or framed Fine Art prints since it’s almost impossible to come up with a combination of both that will suit most people’s needs. So we decided that the matting and framing should be done by you based on where and how you want to display the print. You will find many fine framing stores online and likely in your home town and archival and acid-free matts can be purchased online or made-to-order from the framing shop as well.

Try this online resource: Light Impressions

If you have any questions about our prints, ordering and shipping please give us a call so we can help you make a proper decision for your needs.

Gallery of images offered for fine art prints

*Please note:  the images on my calibrated monitor jump out and have nice contrast and deep colors; whereas your monitor may not show what I see, but I guarantee you that the images are sharp, with nice contrast and rich deep colors.  They print beautifully!

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