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Why Bolivia

No other South American Country offers as much variety in climate, geography, culture, and has so few tourists. An undiscovered jewel.
~Tim Warren
Northern CA

Due to it’s geographical location, Bolivia has long been forgotten by the traveling world. But, why would anyone want to go to Bolivia in the first place? Well, how about for the most obvious reason…because very few people go there. The tourists that go to Bolivia are looking for something different…an intense cultural experience blended with awesome geography and an ancient history that is united with the power of nature at it’s wildest.

Bolivia has it all (except a sea coast) but it more than makes up for it with the rest of its geographical marvels. Within its borders and National Parks you’ll find high altitude deserts like the Altiplano and the incomparable world of the Sud Lipez; Lake Titicaca and it’s many ruins from the Incas and the Tihuanaco cultures; the Andes are represented with everything from volcanoes to granite walls to glaciers; the tropical Yungas region flanks the eastern ramparts of the Andes and eventually becomes the incomparable upper Amazon basin with thick jungle, savannahs and hundreds of rivers that wind their way north to the Amazon river; and the little-known scrubb forest and grasslands of the Chaco harbor a great variety of animals. Bolivia is a true wilderness park.

The history of Bolivia is long and varied and even today some of the ageless customs are still being carried out every day as they have for centuries. The ancient cultures like the Tihuanaco, Aymara, Quechua, Guarani and Incas have left evidence all over the highlands, valleys and tropics.

The people of Bolivia are as warm as they are gracious, and as passionate as they are beautiful.
~Elizabeth Custer
New York City

When the Spanish were here those ageless customs were forever married with the customs of the old world to create an amalgamation of rich cultures and customs that flowered into unique and exotic ways of living that have been lost elsewhere. Bolivia is as rich in history as it is in flora and fauna.

The political situation in Bolivia has been and is quite stable. The democratic state of mind has taken root many years ago and is slowly growing and helping to develop this nation into one of the most stable and safe in the hemisphere. The people of Bolivia are very friendly and welcome people from all over the world with open arms and a smile. We love to take time to talk with the neighbors and to make new friends.

As friendly as it is, Bolivia gets few visitors so you won’t see the crowds of tourists more commonplace to other destinations. From the US the gateway city is Miami and there are daily international flights to La Paz and Santa Cruz from all major cities in Central, South America and Europe.

The variety of options to choose from are endless; from the Andes to the Amazon, from the Spanish to the Inca influence; from the geographic spectacle to ageless customs.

This is why you should go to Bolivia…to experience what has been lost elsewhere.

Bolivia was a serious singletrack challenge. I’ll be back there next year.
~John Matthews
Denver, CO

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