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Welcome to Bolivia


We are dedicated to the dissemination of information, trip planning and logistical support for any journey that you may want to do in the jewel of South America.

Our purpose is to share the inside knowledge of years of travel in Bolivia and to educate everyone about the raw beauty of its landscape and to experience the wonderful variety of its people that make up the tapestry that defines Bolivia.  There are many ancient cultures in all corners of Bolivia and we want to shed light on many aspects that few people see or know about.

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There is a wealth of information on this site to help you plan your trip to the heart of this land that encompasses the Andes and Amazon. We have provided customized services to all corners of Bolivia for all kinds of adventures – from singles to groups and from classical tours to hard-core expeditions including film and video crews since the early 90′s.  Bolivia is our home and we would be honored to have you travel with us so we can show you the Bolivia that we love.

We decided from day one that we were going to be different than the other operators. We were not going to be part of the masses offering ‘canned tours’ that are designed to move large numbers of people by bus or boat nor offering ‘budget tours’ for backpackers with small budgets that end up being epics by providing mediocre guide service, staying in sub-standard accommodations or serving poor food.  Our goal was to offer the same quality of service and in-country knowledge that we would like to have offered to us if we were going to visit any country in the world, especially if we were not familiar with the region, the people and their customs.  Quality services have a value beyond the advertised price and that is measured in decades of experience.

Our specialty is custom tours and we focus on those types of trips year-round.

From a solo trip with a jungle guide to private women’s groups, from young university students to professional film crews, we have handled them all since 1991. This is our country, we were born here, we live here and we have explored many corners of this incredible land over many decades – from the Andean peaks to the Amazon rivers – and we’re still exploring…


If you were looking for a place off the beaten track, where you needed to visit a place where culture, geography and rich history blend themselves into a rich tapestry of color, smells and real adventure, then you have come to the right place. Bolivia is as rich in geographical wonders as it is in mineral riches and wealthy in ancient history blended with its colonial history. It boasts unique and abundant flora and fauna in its National Parks. It is richer than many countries around the world and it has been exploited for those riches over centuries by people from all over the world. Many people describe Bolivia as a pauper sitting on a throne of gold. We believe interpretations have many faces but honestly believe that the real riches of Bolivia are found by traveling to its overlooked regions and mingling with the people, eating the local food, hiking along Inca trails, swimming in jungle rivers, seeing spectacular sunsets, climbing remote peaks and hearing the haunting and beautiful melody of a bird in the rainforest canopy.

Bolivia has plenty of fresh air and uncrowded places where you can actually hear your heart beat.  That’s what we want you to experience.

Explore Bolivia was designed for adventurous hearts and minds that want to learn about natural history, culture and raw beauty. We believe and thrive in taking some chances…for the sake of personal discovery and rich adventure.  Why?  Because life is short. We want to help you take back timeless memories and wonderful stories that are one-of-a-kind.


Hopefully you will share this treasure with your friends so they may come and see for themselves too. We hope you join us in Bolivia soon!


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