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Sergio’s Story

Sergio Photo Tours is the culmination of four decades of adventure travel with camera in hand.

Sooner or later, the love of adventure travel to unknown regions across the globe, the gift of visiting different cultures and making new friends, seeing amazing landscapes and capturing them for posterity had to amount to a nice life journey.  Thus, Sergio Photo Tours was born and I am proud to say that every photo tour I offer is one I have done myself and would only offer to you if I was willing to pay for it myself.  If you compare our prices to others I think they are quite reasonably priced for all the services you receive.  Sergio Photo Tours is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, but I am quite often in La Paz, Bolivia…among other destinations that I head off to while leading tours or doing some scouting trips.  I am just an e-mail, phone call or text message away, so please get in touch.

They say that giving and sharing is the greatest gift, one that gives back in spades, join us on a photo tour and see why that is still true.

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These are not canned package tours slapped with a pretty photo label. These are custom designed tours to put you (and where I would be) at the right place and time to make amazing images, period. The in-country scouting was done by me, in conjunction with local experts, figuring out the logistics, sorting out the places to eat and sleep, choosing the best locations and coming back with the images to prove that with decades of experience in adventure travel.  Plenty of hard work and a team of dedicated people, spread across many countries, resulted in these photo tours which are designed for one thing – you going home with the photos to proudly share with friends and family.

The same details apply if you want us to handle logistics for private photo tourscommercial shoots, location scouting, documentaries and exploration.  Let us know what you need and we can find a solution that provides the results you seek.

I have worked in cities with all the modern amenities and in remote locations where electricity is just a dream. I know what is possible and how to make it work when one is far away from the comforts of modern life.

I have the knowledge needed to shoot, to capture digital files, download, organize, sort, edit, process and archive in the field. I have a solid grasp of Digital Asset Management (DAM), and part of what I offer is hands-on experience to make sure that your photos (your valuable data) is safe and secure and you get back home with images organized, sorted, processed, embedded with metadata and with double/triple back-ups in case “life happens” before you get home.



I use Mac computers and can troubleshoot most issues in the field. I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge and a few other programs that are standard in the industry to organize, edit and process digital files in the field. What counts is using the right tools, the proper way for the job that is required.

Please feel free to ask me about your technology needs before arriving on a tour as we are often far, far away from any kind of store that more than likely will not have what you need and ordering and have it sent overnight via courier is unlikely.  I have had my share of technology breakdowns and meltdowns over the years due to many reasons, so I have developed a system that works for me.  Technology is not perfect, but pretty amazing and with some proper planning most things can be accomplished.

At this time we offer tours in Bolivia, PeruNepal and New Zealand.


Below is a brief sample of the images captured on past photo tours.  Enjoy!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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